Saturday, September 02, 2006

Big Boy Toys

We grew into some big boy toys this weekend. First and foremost, everytime we go grocery shopping we wonder, are we big enough to drive the car while Mommy and Daddy shop? Saturday we took our driving test and passed with flying colors. Little Philip spun that steering wheel the entire time we shopped for Labor Day grilling supplies. Then we decided that the entire family needs to spend more time outside. With the fall approaching, we decided to take up biking again. We bought each other bikes for a first anniversary gift and for the most part, the bikes have been in the garage since the move to Birmingham. So today we bought a really cool bike trailer for Little Philip. There is even room for number two when he/she comes along! In the meantime, Little Philip is eager to have a friend join him for a bike ride. He's still not sure about his helmet but is willing to give it a shot for a really fast ride down the hill.

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