Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daddy's New Job

Big Philip has taken a new job, kind of a dream job so to speak. Anything that brings him back to his beloved Mississippi State University is a dream to him. He is the Assistant Director of Admission and Scholarship for MSU. His territory is North Alabama which is a huge area to cover but an area with a lot of potential for new student recruitment. Right now, he is in Starkville for three days of training. I'm at home single parenting and also assisting with fraternity recruitment at BSC which is going on right now. Little Philip came with me to tonight's recruitment rounds and he walked up and down the sidewalks, trying to follow the potential new members, even trying to go into a few houses. Just in case students thought Mommy was intentionally leading him down specific fraternity sidewalks to their front doors, Mommy then forced him to walk up and down the remaining two houses that did not get a voluntary walk by Little Philip. Afterall, we are interfraternal. Despite popular myth, some deans of students actually do like fraternities.

This is actually the first time I think Little Philip comprehends that his Daddy is gone. He was wandering from room to room tonight babbling "dadadadadadada." Baby Einsten isn't holding Little Philip's attention long enough anymore for Mommy to shower in the morning. We are looking forward to having Daddy back with us.

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Papa Mike said...

We are all excited to have Big Phil working for MSU. Hope it means we will get to see more of Little Phil and Renie too. Betsey should be able to help show him the ropes since she recruited that area last year. Welcome Phil and Go Dawgs.