Monday, September 18, 2006

Uh-Oh, we've got our first word

For the past week, we thought we've heard it. He came for a visit to Mommy's office and her colleagues said they heard it. We tried to ignore it in favor of a more traditional first word like "ball" or "dog" or "cat." In the end, we can't deny it any longer. Daddy's first word was horse. Little Philip's first word is "uh-oh." Maybe it's a good thing. His first word (or phrase to get picky) is two syllables. Does that make him verbally advanced? I'd rather think that than how many times "uh-oh" is going to be a justified response in the near future. He'll intentionally walk around the living room, drop a book or his sippy cup and look up at one of us and say really slowly "uh-oh", dragging out the "oh" part a bit for dramatic effect. At the dinner table when he gets full he will start to drop things onto the floor like banana slices or fish sticks. Our dog, Riley, loves those "uh-ohs."

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shookfoil said...

Hi! Laura (McKey) from Phillip's college here. I was goofing around and came across your blog. Arthur's (#2 of our twins) first word was uh-oh also. His second word was God, so we decided that he was theologically correct...he realized that he messes up and looks to God for help. Maybe that's overanalyzing it? We were in seminary at the time, so... Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. I miss you, Big Phil!