Friday, September 01, 2006

Sick Day

Little Philip started day care at Trinity United Methodist church on Tuesday. Our Miss Sarah only have four weeks left before her baby comes! The week has been fine except for yesterday afternoon when Mommy picked him up. Miss Geraldine was holding him and he looked so very tired. She said she thought he was teething because he only slept for thirty minutes and woke up crying. This morning Little Philip woke up with a 101 fever so Mommy is keeping him home today to snuggle and just feel better. We had cold watermelon for breakfast along with some icy cold vanilla milk to soothe his hurt gums where his molars are coming in. Now we are just snuggled up on the couch learning our shapes by watching Baby Einstein's Baby Newton. Don't we look pitiful?

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ruthie said...

He is sooo cute!