Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving in Mobile

We went to Mobile this past weekend to have an early Thanksgiving with Nee Nee and Poppy, as well as great grandparents to Helen and Philip, Memaw and Papa Julian, and Mama Gel and Papa Bear. During the time I was there, I realized that my earliest memories are of being Little Philip's age. I remember that we lived in their house for a short time as my parents finished graduate school at South Alabama. I had to be a little younger than Philip because Aunt Lizzy was not born yet. However old I was then, I remember Grandaddy (Papa Bear to Little Philip) being very protetive of me. He would tell me that a bear lived in their attic. The entire second floor of their house has several doors that open directly into the attic that wraps around the house. It was dangerous for a little three year old but I had caught glimpses of antique treasures in there, and a huge paper maiche elephant that sat just inside one of the doors. I just knew it was filled with toys. It was so intriguing to know what was in there! Being the disobedient child I was, I would sneak up the front stairs and try to open the door closest to the stairwell, only to hear a bellowing growl from the back kitchen stairwell that led to the same second floor. I would run terrified back down the stairs only to find Grandaddy peacefully sitting in the living room or in the kitchen reading the paper, making me think that there really must be a bear in that attic. And that is how Grandaddy's name changed to Papa Bear for my youngest cousins and now, his great grandchildren.

For our early Thanksgiving dinner in Mobile, Memaw and Papa Julian and Aunt Ruthie all came over "across the bay" from Daphne to join us. After a huge dinner made by Nee Nee of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, asparagus, green beans, rolls, pies and more, we settled into some after dinner entertainment. There was this, the turkey gobble competition between the two great grandmothers.

Then there was the time when Little Philip helped with our thanksgiving tree. On each leaf a family member wrote something for which they were thankful. Mommy read them aloud as Little Philip placed them in the tree. Our favorite was Papa Julian, who shared that he was thankful for a full stomach.
Afterwards, everyone took a little rest and Helen enjoyed some cuddle time with her namesake, Mama Gel. We also celebrated Mommy's 29th birthday early. Yes, 28 has been a glorious year but I feel even more youthful at 29. Ah, yes, 29 glorious years. You know, at 34 years old, that really is too old to even make that joke anymore. It's not funny at all. More like, creepy. Before we left town on Sunday, Poppy, Aunt Ellen and Aunt Lizzy took Little Philip to feed the ducks at the lake. Since it has been too cold for us to feed what ducks are left in Birmingham, Little Philip thought this was quite the treat.

Now we are gearing up to head to Tennessee for Moss Thanksgiving. We're hoping for mild temperatures but know it will be another fabulous time for family memory making!

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Shelia said...

There are still lots of ducks at Star Lake! We went to the lake late this afternoon. A beautiful day here!