Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Supermen - Caption Time!

Tonight we hosted our weekly church small group dinner. Usually we have a bigger crowd but with so many people preparing for Thanksgiving travels it was just the Mosses and Pruitts tonight. Parker and Philip bonded over superhero powers. You gotta love a four and three year old that don't play alpha male yet over who is the real superman.
HOMEWORK TIME! Give your best caption of either or both of these pictures by Monday, December 1st and Philip and Renie will choose a winner. And yes, you have to put your answer in the form of a blog comment. If you've not ever done this, now is the time to start. Simply register your email with blogger and you can post to your heart's content! After Thanksgiving Renie will be making tons of fudge for some college care packages for cousins and the winner will also snag a stash of it.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your bellies be filled with bountiful goodies and your hearts be grateful for the many blessings in life!


Clan Hill said...

My caption is for the second picture.
"Hey ladies, how're doin? I'm doing super"
oh please let me be the only comment left!

the skocelai said...

Ok, top photo: Superman's lesser known Supercousins preparing to enter the strongman contest.

bottom photo: Next up, the Supermancousins try their hand at Guitar Hero.

Philip said...

Top photo- "Who needs a Wii!"

Sarah-I was about to post the same thing for the bottom pic!

The Fancher Family said...

Scott and I think we got this in the bag.
Top Photo: "Who needs super powers when ya got these GUNS!!"
Bottom Photo: "Back Up! These ain't no belly buttons, they're our gas release valves!"