Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A letter to our son

Dear Little Philip,

We know this past week has been full of mixed emotions for you, but we are so relieved to see that you are happy to have a baby sister. You know you are our special little boy and we love you very, very much! While Helen was still inside Mommy you were so sweet, often hugging Mommy's belly and asking to give Baby Helen a big kiss. You loved laying your head on Mommy's tummy, giggling when Helen gave you a little kick. Often we would find you sitting in Helen's crib, quietly reading books that you said you were going to share with Baby Helen. When Helen arrived you were adorable holding her, kissing her, telling everyone "that's my sister!" We hope you and your sister will be good friends for years to come.

We know that some of the emotions you probably feel right now are showing themselves in some funny ways. Like when we gave Helen a pacifier and you asked to have one. You held it in your hands, and then asked for another one. You promptly stuffed them in your pockets and said "those are MY pacis." Mamie found one of Helen's pacifiers, still in the plastic case in your diaper bag. We know we did not put that in there so it had to be you. We were just thankful you didn't stick them in your mouth and regress. The first night Helen was home from the hospital we wondered if you would ever sleep again. After all, you did ask for eggs at 4:00 a.m. planting yourself in your chair at the kitchen table until someone fed you. The next morning (the REAL morning time) Daddy fixed you green eggs which you loved. The next night was a relief when you finally tuckered out enough to stay asleep.

When our neighbor, Mrs. Vella, asked you if there was something new in your house you proudly said "Yes! Three new Dora books!" We all laughed a long time about that. Don't worry, we will still go to the library often so that you can exchange your Dora books for whatever your next favorite theme or topic is.

We loved seeing you help NeeNee give Helen a bottle. We loved seeing you help Mommy burp Helen, especially when you put your hand up to your ear and said "I'm listening for Helen's burp." We loved seeing you get your stool to put up against Helen's crib so that you could reach through the bars to hold her little hand. Daddy loved when Helen was nuzzled on one shoulder and you climbed into the chair to nuzzle Daddy's other shoulder. We can't wait to see and experience so many more happy memories of you and your sister as you each grow into independent little people.

Philip we are so proud of you and pray that you will continue to be a sweet big brother, but also that we, as your parents, will be able to continue to show you that we have unending love for you and your sister that will never run out. You are special and loved by Mommy and Daddy more and more each day!

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Shelia said...

The letters, pix, and video are so beautiful! I'm so happy for y'all. Hope to see y'all soon.