Sunday, March 02, 2008

Baby Helen Update

The update this week (week 35) starts by saying "are you feeling anything yet?" In a word, yes. That wonderful prescription drug, Protonix, for my acid reflux had little or no effect on me yesterday, and I spent half the night running to the bathroom to spit up. Amazingly, despite how small our house is, the three adults sleeping peacefully around me never heard a peep from me. Baby Helen needs to drop and soon. She is somewhere around 5.5 pounds now and a little over 18 inches long, about the heft of a honeydew melon. She is jumping and kicking madly now. I noticed in the bathroom mirror at church that my belly was lopsided today, as she is sitting off to the right. Definitely not a good day to wear a patterned dress!
Thankfully, our second bathroom renovation is complete, which made the mad dashes to the bathroom a little easier last night. To finish, we need to add one more coat of paint on the bead board and seal the grout and tile. It is a huge improvement to the old fake tile wall complete with peel and stick black and white tile, not to mention the constantly leaking toilet is finally gone.
NeeNee and Poppy have been here this week, helping us get the house clean and making a beautiful pink rocking chair pad to match Helen's room. Ellen and Elizabeth are putting the finishing touches on the artwork for both Helen and Philip's room. By next weekend, I think we'll feel ready for baby to arrive.
Little Philip just grows more adorable each day. Since Mommy's bellybutton is sticking straight out, he lifts Mommy's shirt and asks "what happened"? I tell him that Baby Helen is getting big enough to come out and meet her big brother. He then proceeds to yell into Mommy's bellybutton like it is a megaphone, "Hi, Baby Helen!"

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the skocelai said...

"Bebos" are good for so much fun, why not a megaphone too :)!