Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And then it hit the fan...

To summarize the week:

Paid "the man" this week. We owed $1000 in taxes and because of new tax law, we were only allowed to claim $300 of just over $7000 in childcare expenses. That's half a month's tuition for Little Philip. Gee, what a huge help that was.

Renie's cell phone display goes out. Replaced on Tuesday but what a headache to switch carriers and port a number at this very inopportune time to be without a cell phone!

Honda Odyssey transmission goes kaput - To replace it would be $3200. We are fighting with Honda since the 2004 Odyssey transmissions were recalled by issuing an extended 100,000 mile transmission warranty. There are only 51,000 miles on our van. No excuses why this would happen. We are waiting to hear if Honda is going to make good on their promise of a "quality" vehicle. If not, there will be a very pregnant angry woman standing on Highway 31 in Hoover, AL, with a sign saying what a horrible business Honda is. I will have no mercy.

And today, Little Philip came home puking from school. Daddy had no choice but to load him in the car to come get Mommy from work at the end of the day (see Honda issue above). Little Philip puked all over his car seat and himself in the car as he arrived to campus and on our way back home.

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wdavidmiller said...

My transmission went out this week on my Honda! Too bad it has +180,000 miles on it... I'll stand on 31 with you and yell alot though! I'm a poor college kid who can't afford to spend $1400 on a transmission that will be worth more than the car itself.