Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tornados Hit Alabama 4/27/11

This is the guided prayer video used at Samford University's 5/3/11 Worship Service that followed the 4/27/11 tornadoes that ravaged Alabama. It's too overwhelming to write about now but we were left unscathed, except for massive amounts of survivor's guilt. The pictures within this video were taken in and around the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area.

Our church, Mountain Brook Community Church, was also hit by a tornado that came through the Cahaba Heights and Vestavia area of Birmingham. The church will be fine and no one was harmed during the tornado but the damage is still jarring to see considering how many churches are normally places of refuge after a storm. So many churches were destroyed in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, as well as in Cullman and Ft. Payne.
The tornado touched down in Tuscaloosa, remained on the ground and never let up as it scarred the state for hundreds of miles, leaving over 200 dead in its path. One of the local news editors had this to say to describe the devastation:

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Andrew said...

Love seeing your fb posts and blogs here. I am praying as always for you and everyone!