Monday, February 08, 2010

Couponing Meal

So I know this is typically a family memories blog but since we started to clip and use coupons for our grocery shopping, it has become a huge part of our family activities. Take the meal shown above. That's pulled pork BBQ nachos with black beans and Bobby Flay's Queso Sauce. Here are the ingredients along with the price we paid for them:
1 box Velveeta cheese - 93 cents
1 can Rotel diced tomatoes/green chiles - FREE
1 tub Lloyd pulled pork BBQ - $1.25
1 can black beans from ALDI - .$.49
16 oz. cheddar/jack cheese - $1.50
Bag of corn tortilla chips - $.99
tablespoon of chili powder - FREE
tablespoon of Kosher salt - not sure what I paid for this a while back but it's just a tablespoon.

The queso recipe calls for red onion (didn't have it) and green onion (didn't have it).

Total price for this meal was $5.16

We have about 4 cups of amazing queso dip left over for anytime we feel like hardening our arteries again soon. There is also enough BBQ left for Big Philip to have a BBQ sandwich tomorrow for lunch.

So, these are brand name products for free or next to nothing all from couponing at Publix. Our grocery bill each month has gone from $550 to about $350. We do not set foot in Walmart because Walmart will not double coupons that make their everyday low prices NOT the lowest compared to Publix. Anyone not convinced yet?


Stephanie said...

I'm definitely impressed on the Velveeta...I just paid over $4 for a block of that last week!

Mark and Beth said...

I want a Publix in Greenwood!

Renie said...

Mark and Beth, don't y'all have Bi-Lo in Greenwood? It has awesome sales as well!

The Hoppers said...

Love it!!!!! Looks delish! Try crockpot chicken tacos. Chicken, can of rotel, can of water and a packet of taco seasoning. So good!!!!