Saturday, August 08, 2009

Budding Artists

This past week, Little Philip's friend, Emory, came over for breakfast while her mommy and daddy went to the doctor, and what we hope will be her last doctor's appointment before her baby brother, Ethan arrives.

Little Philip and Emory are quite gifted in the acrylic painting department. I love the layering techniques both children used, playing on the patterns of light in this work. Notice the abstract ability to capture what they deemed to be "a day at the beach with friends" with bright contrasting colors. Maybe this was the case but most likely, there were four buckets of paint and each stood guard over their respective two buckets. Still, a work of art in my mind!

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the skocelai said...

"each stood guard over their respective buckets"... I can just picture Emory right now keeping a close eye on Philip every time he needed more paint. The girl is so sure the world is out to get her! Thanks for letting her hang out with you guys!