Friday, August 21, 2009

Simple Things in Life

You know you are easy to please when the highlight of your day is when your free bra you sent off for 6-8 weeks ago finally arrives in the mail. Pure bliss.


Ethan said...

Ooohh...I LOVE free things...I just got three free pairs of V.S. undies and you would have thought I'd won the lottery! Also, got a free full-size bottle of body lotion from Aveda! YUM! do I get a free bra?
Kathy (using Ethan's email) :)

Philip and Renie said...

I bought a Barely There bra from Belk's about 2 months ago and some of the styles had a BOGO rebate form on them to send off for a second bra. The great thing was that the bra I bought was already on sale for $12 so each bra was $6!