Sunday, April 06, 2008

Planning for Summer Activities

Already, the temperature here in Alabama is turning hot and humid. Today's temperature should be in the upper 70's, and it's just April 6th. I am trying to think ahead to the summer time when I will no long have the luxury of sending Little Philip to Trinity for a fun-filled day of activities with friends. While some may think of me as a bad mother for continuing to take him there while I'm out on maternity leave, others will agree that an almost three year old boy would much prefer a day of art, singing, learning, playground time, and creative movement to sitting around the house or going on yet another walk around the neighborhood with his two week old sister.

I've already started to print out the Homewood Public Library monthly activity calendar which includes many free events. I know some friends also go to the Hoover library for their children's activities. I'm counting on the library as a major rainy day activity for us since Little Philip loves to read books and pick out new ones each week.

Another site I've found that provides a calendar of activities, many of which are free is For instance, if we'd had the time, last night we could have attended an event near Jacksonville State University involving a man that serenades thousands of frogs into singing and performing. Little Philip would have loved that. If we were going to be here this next weekend we would definitely be attending the Birmingham Museum of Art's Amazon Adventure Family Day, filled with balloon animals, face painting, and craft activities having to do with the Amazon rain forests and jungles (think feathers, lots of them). While not all activities and events on are free, many of them are and there is a kid-friendly link on the calendar that makes it easy to see what activities are upcoming in our area.

Well, we've been a member of the Birmingham Zoo this past year and our membership expires June 30, 2008. When we joined, we included a note that we were referred by our friend Renee and "Max Whale" . By doing this, Max and his family received a one month extension on their family zoo membership. So, shamelessly and without hesitation, if you are thinking about joining the Birmingham Zoo this year, consider letting them know in your membership that Philip and Renie Moss referred you. We would greatly appreciate it since we will be renewing our membership for $99 this year. Extending that expense by a month or two would be awesome since we will be a one income family come July!

We are also considering joining the Homewood Parks and Recreation which would give us access to both community pools, the gym and cardio rooms (think baby weight, GONE!), and the tennis and basketball courts. This is an additional expense for the one year family membership but we think it's worth pinching pennies now to provide us with an additional outlet for family in the year ahead. Also, Little Philip turns three in July and we are thinking he'll be getting into some sports in the coming year. Poor thing, his parents are so not athletic. This will be a challenge.

For all you stay at home moms out there, what are some other freebie or low cost activities you would recommend for this soon-to-be stay at home mom? My pen and paper are poised for taking notes!


the skocelai said...

We are in the same boat with the zoo membership this year, but it is soooo worth it! We plan on lots of going to the library, pool, and friend's backyards this summer. Thanks for the info for other activities.

"Max Whale" said...

The McWane Center has a memberhsip program like the zoo and it is INDOORS....I know that is more money but we have used it much more than I thought we would. Also, Recreation Station is only $5 per kiddo and the city wide coupon books have two for one that we try to use with friends.... another INDOOR activity! As always, Hoover, Vestavia story times are great and the zoo has the water feature that is less busy in later afternoons and the zoo is open until 7pm after Memorial Day....Hope this helps!

Kelly said...

I used to take my cousins and kids that I babysat to the Botanical Gardens. Its free to get in and they loved feeding the fish in the Japanese Gardens. In addition there is a water sculpture thing at the front entrance that I'm sure Little Philip would love to run through. They also have kids programs/camps but I don't know how much those cost. Enjoy your summer with fun filled activities!

Kelly DeLoach