Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pioneer Woman

A coworker of mine showed me The Pioneer Woman blog about a year ago and I was hooked immediately. This woman is superwoman. She is a wife and mom, having moved way out to the country to marry her Marlboro Man. She regularly shares installments of the romantic "how they met" story along with the most beautiful pictures of their life together on the ranch. For added fun, she refers to her children as "punks" and posts stunning pictures of them as well. She is also a great cook and shares recipes, along with step by step pictures of the cooking process. The way she writes about mothering is beautiful, and it is clear she is a devoted and wonderful mother. She is also quite witty, and honest, and well, she's just all around cool, even though I'll never meet her. She inspires me.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for your warm cyber welcome! I truly am looking forward to meeting the students at BSC. And you're the Franklin's neighbor? So, perhaps I'll actually meet you in person in a couple months. What a small world. Have fun with your kids! My mom stayed home with us growing up and I look back with such fondness on those days.