Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Many of you know how terribly concerned I have been about little man's speech development. I know he is a boy and boys develop later but when his daddy dropped him off at school one day and his little friend Alex (yes, a boy) said "That's Philip's Daddy" we got a little more concerned. We are happy to report that Philip seems to be recovering and making up for lost time. We don't always understand it but we are relieved that something has clicked, and he now understands that talking gets him places.

"Atticus, where are you?" (Atticus the cat claims the first prize for Philip's first four word sentence)

"More, more, more!" - Little Philip
"More what, Philip?" - Big Philip
"uuuummmmmm, Daddy?" - Little Philip

"Riley go out" - Little Philip telling Riley to leave the kitchen while we eat.

"My Mommy"
"My Daddy"

"More juice please."

"Dirty whocks" - (dirty socks)

"sticky whiaper" - (stinky diaper)

And when we say our evening prayers, we always thank Jesus for all eight of our cousins, naming each by name, and then thanking Jesus for Mamie, Bop Bop, Mama Em, Papa Papa, MeMe, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Emily, Uncle Roy, Uncle George, Aunt Bevery, Uncle Robb, Aunt Ellen, Aunt Lizzy, NeeNee, Poppy, Mama Gel, Papa Bear, Memaw and Papa Julian.
The names help us work on pronunciation.

Once down to bed, we listen for at least an hour each night as Philip talks and sings himself to bed. Man we love that little boy.

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