Sunday, December 03, 2006

Over the river and through the woods, to great-grandparents houses we go

We just returned from a wonderful weekend visit with Little Philip's great grandparents on Renie's side. His little second cousin, Kaylie, was there with her mom, Ruthie, and together, they created most of the entertainment for the weekend. After arriving late Friday night, we visited with the great grandparents Wettermark in Mobile for lunch. When Renie was a little girl, there was one dresser drawer in the living room she was allowed to open. In it were toys and Mardi Gras beads and treasure, and it never failed that she would find something new to play with everytime. This time it was Little Philip's turn and he went straight for the plastic alligator and a pair of maracas to shake around the house. Then he turned to playing the piano before lunch.

When nap time arrived, we headed back "over the bay" to Memaw and Papa Julian's house to visit with cousins and holiday shop downtown Fairhope. Saturday night we enjoyed a family birthday dinner of Memaw's fabulous spaghetti and NeeNee Porter's famous carrot cake. We wound up the night by throwing Kaylie and Little Philip in the tub together and Kaylie was an abolute riot! She threw herself on her belly and flailed about, kicking her legs and arms, creating what can only be called a baby jacuzzi tub. The adults were rolling on the floor she was so funny! Little Philip tolerated it but enjoyed the shampoo mohawk and bath toys, along with the waves and bubbles donated by his cousin's excitement. Aunt Ruthie, Danielle and Brad, and Dominique were also there for our visit and we loved catching up with everyone and look forward to another visit very soon!

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ruthie said...

Looks Great! You are so much better at blogging than me.