Saturday, December 23, 2006

Is it time for the mystery van?

I said I would never drive a minivan. Maybe it is because every time I pass a grey GMC safari minivan I have flashbacks of driving the family van to my upper-middle class high school, having no choice but to park it in the oh-so-safely designed, absolutely no obscure or obstructed places to park, parking lot. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. After all, the van was an upgrade from the Ford Tempo sky blue mini station wagon, complete with tweed permanently reclining driver's seat and the horn that was activated by pushing on the end of the turn signal wand thingy. With the thrifty living Philip and I now subscribe to, I thank God for such an experience in humility when I was a selfish self-centered teenager with no sense of how hard my parents worked to even provide me with the van (which incidentally, held all eight kids in the neighborhood for the middle school carpool each afternoon). Yeah - I was cool like that.

Why the childhood reflection? Philip and I have waited until the last minute and are now realizing how impossible it will be to load the two of us, our 26 pound son (with the all important DVD player and Sesame Street DVDs), luggage for a week, and bounty of presents for the Moss family, all into our humble Mazda 626. Can we bungee the dog to the roof? Our hope is that the purchase of a roof cargo bag will balance the load. If you are headed down Hwy 45 in north Alabama or I-40 somewhere between Jackson, TN and exit 66 and see luggage on the ground (or poor Riley the dog), please deliver to Brownsville, TN.

In other words, I am coming full circle in the not too distant future to again driving a minivan...and welcoming such an opportunity. Perhaps this time we can spring for the sexy Honda Oddysey instead of the GMC van from my high school days that looked a lot like this:

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