Friday, October 09, 2015

2015 Alabama NF Walk - Donate or Register Today!

9 days until the 2015 Alabama NF Superhero Walk. Neurofibromatosis has caused a lot of changes in our family in the last year. In November of 2014, we were humbled to receive the 2014 CTF Strength and Honor Award at a beautiful Benefit in Detroit that raised over $3 million for clinical research through the Children's Tumor Foundation. This November we will be taking our son back to the NIH for a follow up exam to his recent enrollment in a chemo drug trial we hope and pray will shrink the inoperable tumor in his neck. 

After receiving that award last year, we were back in our hotel room late that night. Little Philip was holding the award and said "The sphere symbolizes NF and the figures below are treating current patients by holding the sphere and open-handed as they search for a cure." He looked up at us with the biggest smile. I kid you not. 

If you've not donated or registered to walk with us yet, please make the commitment with us to push that NF sphere off the cliff in Philip's lifetime. Register or donate today at

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