Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Early Birthday Party for Little Philip

My poor children have the misfortune of having their birthdays in the summer time and on spring break.  That would seem to be super awesome to some kids but for them, that means that birthday parties will always be sparsely attended due to their friends being on summer and spring break vacations.  As Little Philip prepares to turn eight in July (I can't even type it), we thought it would be a good idea to combine an early birthday party with an end of the year first grade class party celebration.

It was great having the parents and siblings of so many of his classmates join us for a cookout in our back yard, despite the early evening rain shower that surprised even the weatherman.  It was another opportunity for us to realize what a great community we've moved to and we look forward to our children growing up with these families in the years to come.  

We invited all the boys in his class to camp out Saturday night but due to the wet grass from the rain, the party moved inside.  After s'mores over the fire pit we settled down for a sleepover in the den.  I have never been more exhausted and happier as a mother to have pulled it all off.  The boys were all asleep by 10:30 pm and up at 6:15 am back jumping on the trampoline (sorry neighbors).  

This is what childhood is all about.  What joy!

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