Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poor Second Child

Poor Helen.  I neglected to mention on her actual birthday, which is March 18th, that she is two now!  See what a terrible mommy I am?  I chatted with my mother-in-law over spring break about how terrible I am at keeping up the same level of attention to keeping photographic and written memories of sweet Helen.  She gave me Big Philip's baby book that has a few notes in it, and then shared that her first son, George, had a complete baby book.  Her third child, Emily, has a baby book with only her name written in it.  We took Big Philip's baby book back home with us, determined to fill it out.  The book includes pages for enscribing the names of your wedding party and even your grandchildren  All is not lost!  There is still time to get that book finished!

Meanwhile, Little Philip's book ends at age five and that is fast approaching.  I need to complete the last two years to catch up.

Helen's book has, well, the first week of her life in it.  Maybe I should make her first priority. 

After celebrating the life of my 94 year old grandfather, Alfred Boyce Wettermark (Boyce is mine and Helen's middle name), we went to Tennessee to celebrate Helen's birthday with all of her Moss cousins and family.  On the Monday after spring break we returned to school and Helen finally got to wear her birthday cupcake dress she has been begging to wear for weeks.  Seriously, she is two and begs to wear dresses.  This is definitely proof of nature vs. nurture if you knew me as a child.

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