Monday, November 16, 2009

Reading and Spelling at Age 4

Little Philip LOVES the letter people. Remember them, children of the seventies? Mr. T with his tall teeth, Miss A who said a-a-choo, Mr. M with his munching mouth? Ringing a bell with anyone? Need a reminder? Go here and it may refresh your memory.

We have been using the Letter People curriculum in our 4K class this year. Little Philip knew his letters but now he is learning phonics. The result? He is spelling and reading now! Something clicked recently and now he sounds out small 3-4 letter words. Tonight he was in the tub and called me in to show me what he spelled all by himself.


Elizabeth Anne Porter said...

Yay! Aunt Lizzy can't wait to see Philip's reading and spelling this weekend!!

Miss Sheri said...

Just looking at little Philip makes me smile!

ruthie said...