Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vanderbilt College Game Day!

As we prepare for Vandy to take on Auburn Saturday in Nashville, we are also preparing for ESPN College Game Day to broadcast from Vandy's campus. This is a list of possible signs to hold up behind the broadcast podium, sent to me via email from some fellow Vandy alums.

1. This Doormat is ticked. (last word changed for family friendly blogging).
2. Hell hath no fury like a woman's jean's company scorned.
3. Karma owes us...big time!
4. We Read Option and Read Books
5. I didn't need a tutor to write this sign!
6. Only at VU: QB= High School Valedictorian
7. Bobby Johnson can solve the credit crisis too.
8. I used to work for Goldman Sachs, now I am a full-time Gameday groupie.
9. Vanderbilt: Top 25 in darn near everything.
10. We have no chance [wink, wink]
11. Vanderbilt 'Intramurals' > Auburn football.
12. Vandy vs. Auburn - Culture vs. agriculture
13. This is the only way an Auburn fan could ever get into Vanderbilt.
14. If VU wins the SEC, should we leave for a better conference?
15. Been doing well in the SEC without an athletic dept since 2003.
16. Home Depot: We don't wear orange, but we sure can build a team!
17. Spurrier's Visor Being Held Captive - Send Lou for Negotiation.
18. Vandy: Ranked. UT: Rank
19. Vanderbilt Bandwagon: Looking for Volunteers
20. Kirk - No hard feelings, you're not in our top 25 either. (Kirk Herbstreit was the only voter
in AP poll to have us unranked this week)


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