Sunday, September 07, 2008

What Food Are You?

Sarah has intrigued me to ponder what food I most resemble, or act like, or both. After much thought, I have decided I am a potato. Follow me here....

Real answer:
Potatoes are round, dimply, and bumpy. They also tend to have hard to remove dirt on them. No question, I am round and definitely have dimples in all the wrong places. The once adorable baby bump has simply moved to the love handles and rump area. This is thanks to birthing two large children that are definitely worth the now present lumps and bumps. I am also dirty, either because I chose to sleep in for those last five precious minutes rather than shower before the children woke up or because I missed yet another spot of infant oatmeal that quickly becomes shellacked onto skin if not immediately removed. By the way, that is how you spell shellacked. I looked it up.

Pageant answer:
If potatoes are left immobile in the dark for too long, they sprout. If I stay in one place or do one thing too long, I tend to sprout as well. I have to find something to keep me busy so I tend to go off in tangents, much like the process of sprouting. If you ignore a potato a really long time, they rot. I'd like to avoid that.

If only they had asked me this question in 1992 Jefferson County Junior Miss. I would have won, totally.


"Max Whale" said...

You forgot to mention in your pageant answer that "God had a huge part in creating the potato. All of it's eyes will surely look out for us in this cruel world.... furthermore, without it, we would surely starve--just look at the war times when the only thing to eat would be potato soup..." tee the way--you don't strike me as the pageant type.... :-)

The Schaefer Family said...

I always heard women were either an apple or a pear. Between the two, I am definitely an apple. You have enlightened me to the fact that I can also be a potato! How I hoped this would never happen, but as you mentioned, giving birth, and now adding the age factor, I am an aging/(rotting) apple or potato!!!

By the way...there is more than one reason why I was never in a pageant....Besides the obvious fact that I was not pageant material, I could never answer those questions!!