Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet Potato Queen

Today Helen turned six months old! She has been eating oatmeal cereal for about a month now but has been waking up often at night and looking desperately at our plates at mealtime. We held out until today to make the jump into the vegetable world. This video shows how pleased she was with eating baked sweet potatoes. She ate the first ounce and whined for more. She ate the second ounce and whine for even more. She ate the third ounce and I cut her off, worried she might not know her limit. She loved it!

You will see big brother make a debut in the video as well. You will then hear his great displeasure with pureed sweet potato. A bit dramatic but he did eat his own baked sweet potato with lots of butter and cinnamon sugar. If he had not, Helen would have gladly eaten it for him!

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