Monday, July 14, 2008

This meal brought to you by ALDI and about that 3...

First of all, I am NOT pregnant with number three. I've received a few chuckling emails today. It did not occur to me that the title of that last post implied we were going to be a family of five. Yikes! I have the utmost respect for those women stronger than I am to take on the challenge of having three very young children but it is not for me, especially as we change into big boy underwear pair number six today. We have again embarked on the mission to potty train and so far, I'm in need of much encouragement to stay with it. That being said, and let me be sure I make myself perfectly clear....The only number three we were celebrating is our little boy's birthday. Rumor stopped? Good.

Now, I'm completely obsessed with ALDI now. It's an addiction to see how cheap we can go without ending up in the ER or losing the sense of taste in a freak allergic reaction. It's a rush to take that gamble. So, here is our ALDI meal tonight.

Black Beans and Rice with Sausage

2 can of black beans (.47 x2)
1/2 package of polish sausage (2.29 / 2)
White rice (approx .59 of the box)
Goya spice pack ( about .25)

Roma tomato salad - from our garden (free)

Total cost for tonight's meal? $2.93.


Clan Hill said...

That's insane. And to think I spent $80 at Publix today to take care of three meals, snacks, and staples I had run out of. I'm ashamed. I will be visiting Aldi on Friday.

Shelia said...

I went to Aldi tonite. I'd forgotten just how great their prices are since I haven't gone in several months. Amazing! I got a whole bag of lemons for $2.99. Then I made fresh lemondade for Callen, who came home from school with a fever and cold and wouldn't eat anything; but she drank some lemonade.

Jen said...

Wheee! potty training company! Sydney put on her "big girl pull ups" today for the first time, as I attempt AGAIN for potty training. We tried right after her 3rd birthday and I discovered that I have a camel for a daughter. She can hold it for 16 hours?! Imagine how that went when Mommy was pregnant and going every 10 minutes. HA! So we abandoned after 3 days of her holding it in for so long that I thought she would be sick. We are now on attempt #2, and while she did not go in the potty at all today, she did manage to wet 2 pull ups. 1 at 5:30pm (after not having had a wet diaper since 4pm yesterday, so this was 24 hours?!) and then another one at 6pm, so twice in 30 minutes was victory for me. Next step -- actually understanding that we are going, so MAYBE we will try the potty?? I have cloth training pants, too, which I want to explore with, but until we conquer the fear of water (whether pee or just pool water or bath water) running down our legs, I think I may stick with pull ups. LOL! I am praying for you - encouragement to stick with it. It HAS to get better, right? :)

Amanda said...

Wow, potty training. I can't say that I am jealous. My husband had MacKenzie just about completely potty trained in one day! I was amazed. Now we still had pull ups at bedtime but daytime accidents were gone after he spent an entire day at home with her. The secret? Bare bottom day. He stayed home with her all day and she ran around bare bottomed. He said she wet herself a couple of times that morning but after that she started using the potty. Maybe that could work for you and little phillip.

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