Monday, July 28, 2008

My first successful smocking project!

I say successful because there was another project but it was definitely a first attempt, one that helped me understand what mistakes I made (constantly) and how to correct them without totally ruining the project (constantly). So, this is my first completed smocking project that Helen is now wearing. I must confess that I bought this pink gingham bubble off ebay because it was already sewn together and pleated, ready to smock. So all I did was smock the design. My next big hurdle is to learn how to actually sew the outfits together.
I have to thank my hubby for driving to and from Brownsville this past week when we went up for a visit to the Mosses. It's a 4.5 hour drive each way, which accounts for about 80% of the smocking time it took to do this, which begs the question - how on earth does anyone have time to smock ALL of their children's clothes or handsmock for a living?! Still, it is a new skill that I am enjoying learning about and something I will continue if time permits. Maybe I will get faster as my skills improve.


Olivia said...

Great job, Renie! She looks adorable in her watermelon dress! I thought about learning to smock, but since my mother-in-law knows how, I just decided to let her do all the hard work and I will benefit from it! :)

"Max Whale" said...

If Flash is a girl, I'd like to learn how as well...since I will have so much time an all :-)