Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Speaking of Blogs

I (Renie) got a call from the AP wire service about two weeks ago, asking for a comment on whether or not Birmingham-Southern College had any plans to educate new students on responsible use of "social networking websites." I had not heard the formal term for these sites. I only know them as,, and Actually, both Philip and I have facebook "accounts" which provide a nifty way for us to keep up with our current and former students. Younger cousins and such that still have college email accounts are also on the site. These sites are great but as with anything "you can poke your eye out" so to speak. Students are posting really horrific pictures of themselves in compromising positions and posting comments, quotes, and other text that doesn't make them look like the best of students or the most worthy job candidates. So to answer the AP's questions, yes, we are planning a brief time to discuss responsible use of the internet. Today one of my former students and alums from Centre College emailed me to say he saw my quote in an online article on CNN.

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