Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Best 1st Birthday cake picture ever

For our friends looking forward to first birthdays, just know that the best icing for a first birthday cake is blue - lots of blue.Our little boy looked like a smurf by the end of eating his little first birthday cake. The rest of us enjoyed the bigger cake, cream cheese frosted of course! Mama Em, Papa Papa, Mamie and "Bop" Moss all came in for the ocassion. Fran and Jason Cooper, The Bekurs, Applebys, Davis's, Hensleys, Sterlings, Cottens, Delks, Duongs, Hugheys, Campbells, Nana Lynette, Julie Stone and Little Will, Aunt Lizzy, Poppy Porter and NeeNee, all joined in the festivities. Sounds like a lot of people? It was, but Little Philip loved it!


Hilary said...

I wish I could have a bite! Looks yummy!

Jon Moss said...

that is precious! Hey...we like the family name. Our little girl is turning one at the end of the month, and we can't wait for her to dig into her chocolate cake!