Sunday, October 06, 2013

Diary of a Teenage Dog

Hello, my name is Cinder.  I am a six month old labradane (Lab/Dane) and that means I'm a very big girl.  I look full grown but I'm really still an over active puppy.  I was born March 20, 2013 and adopted by the Moss family in July, when I was almost four months old.  You can see how little I was in the picture above with my new mom, Renie.   My human sister, Helen, adores me, and tries to ride me like a pony.

This is me on my first drive to Tennessee to visit my grandparents in Brownsville. I got to meet Dixie, who is technically my aunt, a brown labrador.  
With all my energy, at the end of a long day I love taking up the entire floor space in front of the couch.  I'm just a big pillow pet and my human siblins love to cuddle with me.  Sometime I dont' realize how big my dog paws are when I reach up and try to hug them.  I'm learning to be gentle.

My favorite treat is eating bubbles and soap.  When Helen takes  a bubble bath, I've been know to jump in with her if my mom isn't watching.  It's how I keep my shiny black coat.  One time I ate half a Lever 2000 bar of soap.  My breath smelled great for a few days.

This is my very old feline brother, Atticus.  Atticus was adopted by my mom right after she graduated from college, way before she ever met my dad, Philip.  Atticus had a sweet sixteen party recently.  I really wanted to high five Atticus, but he's not a big fan of me quite yet.  He doesn't hiss at me as much anymore and other than scowling at me when I walk by, I'd say thing are getting much better.

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Julie said...

What a cute new puppy you have there! Looks like your whole family enjoys him.