Monday, May 10, 2010

Potty Training Victory

We are claiming potty training victory with Helen after only about two weeks! Please recall the year long saga with Little Philip to share in our joy that this process was virtually painless. Things we did differently that produced a more positive result:

1. We had a girl.

Pretty much, that's it.

Kidding, of course. We attribute our success to the fact that this is a second child, and yes, that Helen is a girl. Also, we did not use any pull-up diapers. We went straight to big girl panties, and LOTS of them. Disney princesses, Dora, Elmo, stripes, dots, you name it. Whatever it took. And it did take. She favors the princess look. No surprise there.

Helen turned two March 18th. We potty trained in one three day weekend, toward the end of April. While her tiny bout with diarrhea during this ordeal was a challenge, we also think that this lent a helping hand in Helen learning to potty....a lot.

We still wear a diaper for naps and nighttime but already, the family budget is breathing a tiny sigh of relief from the burden of diapers and wet wipes being lifted.


Sarah said...

remember that emory was asking me to potty train her in december when she had turned 2 in october?! i held her off until february, seeing as how i was in process of growing another human and needed our ONE potty more than her for the time being :). but, like helen, it took quickly. not looking forward to ethan's training though. i might pull the same stunt and wait until he starts begging too! of course, since he's a boy and all, that might mean he's in diapers until he's 5.....

Stephanie said...

Yay!!! That is wonderful, and I know you are relieved! Way to go Helen!

Hilary said...