Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Living in Disarray

This is my house right now. It is not pretty.

If you've knocked on my door in the last few days and heard me hush everyone inside to pretend we are not home, I apologize.

I'm not sure how I let it get this way. It was clean last weekend when I arrived back home from a wonderful weekend away with my college friends. Mamie Moss and Big Philip made sure of it.

I post this on the blog to motivate me and hold me accountable to restore order to our humble abode. Instead of looking at larger homes for sale every day I need to take that time and put it to good use trying to keep the house in order. I think like most moms, I get terribly deflated after cleaning all day on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday afternoon, only to return to work on Monday and find the house looks just like it did before the cleaning spree. It's not anyone's fault. It's just what life looks like when actively living in a small space.

I don't remember it looking this bad when I worked full-time and since I'm returning to full-time work again mid June, maybe it will improve with the kids in day school and both adults working mostly outside of the home.

In the meantime, I've got about four weeks to get a better cleaning routine down in the house before returning to full-time work. And before anyone suggests I visit the flylady.com I ditched her long ago after she nearly gave me a nervous breakdown with all of her email reminders those first few weeks I tried to implement her system.

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Shelia said...

Renie, your house looks more normal than not when you have young kids! I don't think it has to do with the space; we have a bigger house (than we need) and it is chaotic most of the time unfortunately. It shows that your house is well-lived in and that having fun with your kids is more important than making sure it is tidy all the time. If you find the secret to keeping it neat all the time, let me know : ).