Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Philip!

Little Philip turned four years old on Monday. I had hoped to post big smiles and happy pictures but instead, we had one sick little boy on his birthday! We returned from a family wedding in Mississippi this past weekend with both children down with a stomach bug. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than having two children throwing up on "both ends" and being stuck in a hotel room, plotting your five hour drive home for the next morning. We were sad not to be able to visit with family since the first incident occurred as we were pulling up to the church for the wedding. Let's just say that the rental car we still have should air out by the time the body shop actually finishes fixing our van...we hope. To all our aunts, uncles, and cousins who waved at us from the Hampton Inn breakfast Sunday morning, it was great to "see" you.

So Monday morning we filled Little Philip's room with balloons, just like we did last year. He didn't even notice them as he weakly dragged his poor little boy out of bed to throw up one more time before heading back to our bed for the day. He slept most of the day away but was feeling much better by dinner time.

Fast forward to Tuesday, when Mommy returned to work and left Daddy to care for the two mostly healed children. Little Philip decided to use his new beanbag chair as a slide off of the sofa. He slid alright, right into the coffee table face first. His lip and front gum look like something out of a gory movie, but Dr. Hamm assures us that his teeth are in tact (our biggest concern) and that lips and gums are amazing to watch heal. We hope it heals in time for some birthday cake on Saturday!


Neely Family said...

OH, Renie, Diana had a similar injury, minus the stitches on her 4th birthday as well. She bolted out the front door when Jon announced the name of the first guest, and fell face first onto the front stoop (which happens when you forget to take that little step down.) Rodd, in that split second, realized that he had two choices... take care of Diana or host 10 four year olds... I think it was one of the quickest decisions he has ever made as he whisked her off to the bathroom to clean up and examine her injury. She put on a brave face for the rest of the Dora party, but cake and ice cream didn't taste as good when your lip and gum hurt. We were at the dentist first think Monday morning since we were concerned about her tooth. We got to know the new pediatric dentist in town as a result. Made a couple of follow up visits just to make sure there was no damage to the root. He definitely has the coolest dentist office I've ever been in! I do pray Philip will be able to enjoy his birthday party!! Have a great weekend... Oh, I was glad to see no FB status update today. Perhaps that means it was an uneventful day ;).

Whitney said...

Oh, that hurts me just to look at that picture of little Philip's gums! Happy 4th birthday, Philip!