Friday, February 01, 2008

Thank you Mamie and Aunt Emily!

Mamie Moss and Aunt Emily were our special angels last weekend as they came down to help us organize the house, to make room for baby. We have tried to do it ourselves but for whatever reason, just could not make any progress with our work. Little Philip is always underfoot, me exhausted and pregnant, etc. So, Mamie and Emily, along with Martha and Elizabeth, came down for a visit and to help us get straight.

Baby Helen's room is ready for baby to come home. We still need to get some artwork and some pretty shelving on the walls, but that is where my sisters, Elizabeth and Ellen will come in. We ended up being able to keep the double bed in Helen's room. This will be a must for family coming to help out when Helen first arrives in just a few more weeks. A little selfish on our part since we think family would be willing to stay a little longer so long as they are not forced to sleep on an air mattress (our original plan).
As I uploaded all the pictures from this weekend, I realized that there are no pictures of Emily, Mamie, or cousin Elizabeth. I think that speaks to all the hard work they did, even with Emily pregnant herself! We can't thank them enough. Martha and Philip were little munchkins, able to entertain each other with only an occassional interruption from us adults.
Before we made progress on Helen's room, Little Philip got his big boy bed, complete with his truck bedding. He really loves it, if he would only like it at night when he is supposed to be asleep (see previous posts for that struggle). Again, we still need artwork but his aunts, Elizabeth and Ellen, have some homework to do to make that happen.
And one final picture, that I just had to post. These are my Philips, sporting their Mississippi State sweatshirts. Little Philip is not only so grown up in this picture but it also captures just how attached he is to his daddy these days. This morning I took him to school, with him wailing the entire way "I WANT DADDY TO TAKE ME! GO BACK!!!! GO BACK!!!" I think that the male bonding time is beginning, sad for Mommy!

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