Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fever Virus Hits Home

Last week, I attended a pandemic flu planning meeting for Birmingham-Southern College, learning how our local county health department monitors influenza like illness (ILI) as well as confirmed cases of influenza. On Monday, our house became one of their statistics. I left work in the afternoon, feeling very dizzy and achy, knowing I had a mild fever. NeeNee took care of Little Philip since Big Philip was in Starkville. I returned to work for an evening meeting with my Honor Council, sitting as far from everyone as possible. When I came home, I found my husband flushed with 101.3 fever. Little Philip had gone down for the night, thankfully, with no problems. We took him to school this morning and the two of us promptly went back to bed, all day. We both feel horrible (bad headaches, very sore throats, dizzy, achy) but feel a little better this evening, after we ate a little soup, showered, and got back on our feet a little while. We are praying that Little Philip doesn't fall victim to this nasty fever virus. We sure don't want to go another round with this thing.

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ruthie said...

Our house has been hit a couple of times and it keeps going around the neighborhood. I don't know when I have ever been that sick before! I hope you guys are better soon.