Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Prayers and Deep Breathing

These past few weeks have been extremely stressful and full of anxiety in the Moss house. Our little niece, Delie, was with us for a brief time along with her family as they continue to work with doctors to seek healing after Delie's accident. We were so happy to see her in Brownsville on our way back from my college reunion, with her sweet smile and even sweeter spirit. She's going to be just fine, thank God!

My mother received a back MRI result just prior to us leaving for my college reunion. The doctor ordered her to go straight to an oncologist. Words like "lesion" and "metastatic disease" associated with her spine did not sound good at all. Googling the exact phrases from the MRI results showed a bleak outcome for my mother. And so, we prayed, with no answers, we simply prayed, and asked God to give us wisdom, and peace with whatever His will held in store for us. We were incredibly relieved this past week when she met with the oncologist, Dr. Luigi Bertoli at Brookwood Medical Center. In his opinion, this latest MRI did not show any new growth from the previous MRI in 2005. In other words, "lesion" and "metastatic disease" had nothing to do with cancer and everything to do with other issues like arthritis. While still not good, this is treatable and comes as a great relief to all of us.

Little Philip is especially relieved, although in his sweet little world he is oblivious to such anxiety. He is quite the chatterbox and when he passes white cars, he points and says "NeeNee' and Poppy's car..."I ride with NeeNee." As we read our bedtime book and said our prayers last night, he asked to call NeeNee and Poppy to say goodnight. This is such a sweet age.

And so, we are breathing deeply, with big sighs of relief and giving thanks to God for a good medical report on NeeNee, and continue to pray for Delie's healing.

Baby report this week. At 16 weeks, baby Moss is the size of an avocado. Ultrasound is scheduled for November 6th to determine whether we are having a boy or a girl.


Anonymous said...

In the words of little Philip, "Yay God!" on all of the good medical reports.

ruthie said...

We will keep you guys in our prayers. I have to say I love the doc's name, Luigi Bertoli, he sounds like an Italian chef.
Love the Parkers