Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our new toy

We bought a new camera today! Big Philip and I agreed this WAS our Christmas. Unlike last time when we went for the best bargain for what we thought was high quality, we went for a more professional opinion at Wolf Camera (since cameras are what they do, rather than TVs, DVDs, stereos, computers, and cameras, and...). We looked at the more compact "pocket" cameras just like what we had before and then compared them to the bigger cameras that offered a much faster zoom, focus, and capture. We opted for the bigger camera and also bought the extended 3 year warranty. We aren't normally extended warranty people but it includes a yearly free cleaning and checkup which on this kind of camera, is worth it. And, if this one breaks like the last one did, the entire repair is free and covered. So roll your eyes if you want, we would have too prior to this camera fiasco. We feel good about our purchase and now are focused on learning how the heck to use all the features. If anyone is really big into camera knowledge, let us know if we made the right choice and also tell us some cool things we need to know our new Sony Cybershot DSC-H2. If you click on the name of the camera you will see a website I found that tells me what all the features are. That's great but we still don't know what all that means. We are ready to capture those Halloween smiles this year. Maybe Little Philip will smile unlike last year.

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