Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our "Miss Sarah"

As many friends and family know, we were blessed with a wonderful friend who volunteered to keep Philip, Jr. while we are at work each day. While we are not opposed to a child development center, it did give us a tremendous sense of peace knowing that Philip was getting one on one care from a believer and friend who has such a gift in caring for children. Sarah loves Philip as if he is her own, and her husband, Eric, also sacrifices much in allowing her to be with our little boy each day. Philip loves his "Miss Sarah" and squeals with delight when she comes each day. Many mothers would be jealous of this response but we are so happy that Philip has someone with whom he can be comforable and that we can trust whole heartedly. We want him to remember Sarah as one of his biggest blessings in his early stages of life.

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