Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It is June, and that means that Big Philip is living in Starkville for most of the month to help coordinate new student orientation at MSU.  After several years, our family has learned to adjust, especially as the children have grown older and able to keep busy with either each other or with friends and summer activities.

Still, June is a month of anxiety and stress for us as husband and wife.  We've had a lot to deal with in our marriage over the last few years and at one point, we reached a place where we could not go on...together.  In the midst of that time we experience the devastating diagnosis of NF with our son that would lead to the diagnosis of our daughter and Big Philip this year.  As we reeled from the diagnosis it caused us to pause, make our son the priority in our hearts and minds, and as a result, knee jerk decisions were delayed and ultimately never made.

God has worked miracles in each of our hearts in the last two years and that has led to the miracle of our marriage not just still standing, but being stronger, deeper in the wisdom that God has led us to, and the recognition of the gift of joy we gain from each other through God's work in our lives.

Big Philip left last Thursday for his weekend of class and grandparents picked up the children to take them to the annual family reunion at the beach.  When Big Philip returned from class Saturday we had a little over 24 hours with just each other.  We had a romantic date night and worshipped together as husband and wife on Sunday morning.  And then, it was time for Philip to head to Starkville.

Doubt began to creep into in my heart as I fought back the tears, fears, and worries of the past.  And in that moment, Philip placed three envelopes in my hand:

Open when you have a long day
Open when you really miss me
Open when you need a smile

He knew and my heart swelled with joy once again.  


Jen said...

This is beautiful, friend! Praising God with you for renewed beginnings.

Stephanie said...

That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing -- marriage is hard work, and we need to be able to support one another through stories like yours.