Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father's Day and Anniversary Present

It's no secret to Philip that I want to get him a really good charcoal grill for Father's Day. A really good grill means that this gift will also be a combined anniversary present. After searching for the elusive combination charcoal and gas grill, I am convinced there is no such thing. This invention may be where we can make our millions. So, after much online research and reading many "grillmaster" opinions and online discussions, I think I've decided to get Philip this one:You know, nothing fancy, just a basic outdoor kitchen with a custom limestone surround, just a wee bit of slate tile for flooring which is hardy enough to withstand a grease splash. While I would want our firepit seating area to be a bit further from the grill for safety reasons, the reflecting pool that seems to be just out of frame is reason enough for my compromise. I figure we will mortgage the house, donate a kidney each, maybe sell plasma for a the next millenium and then maybe, just maybe, we could afford a hotdog to test this bad boy out. At least this girl shares her man's dream!

OK, the real grill for consideration is the Weber Performer, a charcoal grill that is gas lighted to cut the charcoal preparation time to about 10 minutes instead of 20-30. We have a fake Weber grill now so the combination of the two grills should provide enough cooking area for a larger crowd but the Performer would be ample for our standard family meal which might include grilled vegetables.
If we suffer a serious financial disaster between now and the big purchase, we can always go with this model.

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