Monday, February 13, 2006

Yesterday I ran in the Mercedes (Half) Marathon. I had been training for a little over two weeks by running with Elizabeth, Ellen, and Riley. I felt I could complete the 13-mile run but expected to walk for several miles. The run up Greeenspring Highway was tough but Renie, Robb, Irene, and Lil Philip were waiting to cheer me on when I turned onto Valley Ave. After that there was only one more big hill before the run into the city with lots of down-hill runs. I was able to finish! Around mile 11 there was a beer stand giving away Michelob Ultra Amber. They had a sign that said sometime like "You know you want to quit. Have a beer" . Though I did have a beer I didn't quit. My official chip time was 2:17:04. I started running with Ellen but got separated in the crowd around mile 2. Her official time was 2:07:30. Elizabeth ran in the relay with some students in her OT class. The official results for the relays have not been posted but they finished the maraton in about 3:30.

My overall men's place was #821 out of 1140 runners. Also, there were also 520 women that came in at a faster time than me! I guess this means that I have a lot of room for improvement. I am taking the next few days off to let my swollen ankles rest then I am hitting the road again. Emily tells me that she is training for the Nashville Half Marathon so I may be joining her for that in April.


- O - said...

Phil -- congrats on the half marathon. I would not have even finished, so here to you! Some of my Memphis friends are probably running in Nashville again this year. Maybe I'll come to town for it.

Renie said...

Way to go, Daddy!