Friday, September 30, 2005

Little Philip's First Bulldog Party

Little Philip and his daddy made it to a Birmingham area MS State alumni party in September. There, they visited with Jimmy Abraham and Bully.


Hilary said...

Renie, Your blog looks great. I noticed you have some comments that may be unwanted. If so, Go to the Dashboard, click "change settings". Then under the settings tab, go to "basic". There is a question that asks about adding your blog to the public listings. You can say "no" and it will not allow people who don't know your URL to get on your blog. You can also search Blogger Help and find a code that you can add to your template that keeps your blog from being found by search engines (I wish I could remember how to do that, but you'll have to search blogger). Hope that helps. Little Phil is so cute!!

Miss Mathews said...

Hi Phil! Little Phil is darling :) Go DAWGS!! Betsey