Friday, October 20, 2017

To Write Again

I've stared at the blank screen to update our family blog so many times over the past year that it is now overwhelming to think about what topic would be best to lead with as we near the end of 2017.  Several people from different spheres of influence have asked if I am going to write anymore, if this blog is still active, and in some cases, encouraged me to write more.  What has held me back is the fear that my words would somehow seem self-serving, rather than encouraging for someone else.  After some reflection I've come back to this blog, staring at the blank screen, with the courage to try again.  So some potential topics...

  • What keeps us motivated to cure neurofibromatosis in our children's lifetime despite the odds?
  • Reflections on marriage after 16 years when we are committed to see each other to the grave but not speed each other's arrival to the grave?
  • Major career changes?   Because it happened and it's been a good thing.
  • What life is like for Helen, largely unaffected by her NF diagnosis, but significantly affected by her brother's time and emotion consuming medical circumstances?
  • Life after 40, and I mean like, almost three years after turning 40? (because I'm in denial and therefore, late to the party)
  • Reflections on parenthood as we are at the precipice of puberty for our oldest?
  • Managing a household with two full-time working out of the house parents, one of whom is this close to completing a doctoral dissertation in higher education,  with two growing school-aged children, while balancing a relentless pursuit of a cure to our children's currently incurable and untreatable genetic condition while also maintaining commitments to giving back to our community through school, church, or the silent support of friends and family who just need someone to lean in sometimes to help shoulder the burdens of life?  (and breathe)

People often say to me "how do you do it?" or "I am in awe of your faith" or "y'all are amazing." And when they say these things, I think, "I don't have a choice, right?  Or do I?"  How to unpack that...Is blogging still a thing?  Are my thoughts and words of any value to encourage or motivate others?  Are there other topics that friends, family, or followers of our NF journey would find meaningful to hear?

Let me know...

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Kate said...

I would enjoy reading about any/all of those topics.